mobile interactive networking tool

mint  mobile interactive networking tool

MINT is a cell phone service that connects participants with each other during the event. It provides the user with a number of features to increase participants' opportunities to get involved, meet people and orientate themselves during large meetings.

MINT has a “matching” feature which links together people with similar professional interests. The user can create contact lists and send messages to those included. The user is also able to view the program for the event, seminars, and book and receive reminders for booked seminars.

MINT will make it easier for users to expand their networks and create new business opportunities. The target audience includes participants, exhibitors and organizers.

MINT includes a special function whereby general event information can be stored – a feature which enhances the event’s usefulness, both before, during and after.

Visitors don’t have to carry around notepads and laptops anymore. A cell phone is all that is needed to keep track of information during the event. MINT utilizes the cell phone’s browser. No additional software is necessary.

The participant gains access to MINT through a link sent by a text message.

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